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Willie Wide Mouth Nelson - 20110129, Shaun

Willie’s done alright for himself…

A whole life on a wall.

The view from Willie’s private office.

The artist as a young man.

The Sony C37 that loves my voice.

Poblano peppers filled with shredded beef and cheese. Yeah!

Daisy and I listening to Listen Sister.

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Chargin’ - Shaun, 20110127

Charging to the studio.

I took this shot as Willie Nelson was singing on a Billie Joe Shaver song in the studio. The jokes he told us afterwards would peel the paint right off the trunk…

Inside the Leviathon.

A Neve for the sweetness…

And an SSL for the business.

Esteban Jabez

Opie’s BBQ! Orgasmeat.

Some mo’ from Pedernales - Shaun, 20110122


Daisy Johnson keeping an eye and ear on things.

C’mon sun, work! I thought this was the south? Figured I’d be sweating, not wishing I’d brought another sweater…

Pedernales. Pronounced, “Purdnalez”

Our chauf-fur.

The red headed stranger over the years, on a red wall.

That’s more like it! Until today the only real heat I’d felt was from habanero peppers.

Listening to one of the three songs we tracked yesterday.

A strat through this rig is huge sounding but unforgiving. It’s transparent and true, like a big acoustic.

I don’t play piano at all but I spend a little while every day with my head under the hood of this beautiful Bosendorfer listening to low notes. Heavenly…

“Hey Big Sugar dude, control this Rasta…”

Tubes and tape = Tone!!!

Playing with my left hand and shooting photos with my right.