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Wide Mouth Mason. No Bad Days. It’s a movie. By Gordie Johnson. Of himself and bandmates Shaun Verreault and Safwan Javed.

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Hasta la proxima vez Pedernales - 20110202, Shaun

Us: “Hmm, I’ll bet some keys would sound good on a couple of songs.” Ian McLagan of Small Faces/Faces/The Rolling Stones: “I’ll bet you’re right…”

He was right.

Willie Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver and Mac all came by and had us in stitches. Are there any boring, unfunny musicians in Austin? Not that we met.

La Cabana. We will miss you.

Singing the last song.

Checking out the final mixes! Everything sounds better on hand-carved country music benches… Can’t wait for you all to hear it.

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Singing for supper - 20110130, Shaun

Dog tired, sometime well into the morning after singing 4 songs.

GJ and Jacob raising the bar for sustained focus and minutia management.

“Say man…”

“I toint that kno’ unti’ it got righ’…”

“Darkness warshed over the Charger, darker than a black steer’s toches on a moonless prairie night…”

Willie Johnson lending us a couple hands.

A couple tracks of clapping on a long funky jam is fun at first but quickly becomes an endurance test…

After years of singing Gordie and I both still pick up a guitar to work out vocal harmonies.

Ol’ Grady singing like a big ol’ lady.

“The only thing better than a good thing!”

Fuel for the fire.

My Dad’s philosophy: No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can’t be at your best unless you eat well. As a result I’ve had lobster and steak on canoe trips… To make good music you need good food. And wine helps too.

Esteban Jabez singing that sweet soul music.

Willie Wide Mouth Nelson - 20110129, Shaun

Willie’s done alright for himself…

A whole life on a wall.

The view from Willie’s private office.

The artist as a young man.

The Sony C37 that loves my voice.

Poblano peppers filled with shredded beef and cheese. Yeah!

Daisy and I listening to Listen Sister.

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Chargin’ - Shaun, 20110127

Charging to the studio.

I took this shot as Willie Nelson was singing on a Billie Joe Shaver song in the studio. The jokes he told us afterwards would peel the paint right off the trunk…

Inside the Leviathon.

A Neve for the sweetness…

And an SSL for the business.

Esteban Jabez

Opie’s BBQ! Orgasmeat.

Are You Tex-perienced? - Shaun, 20110126

Naturally, I’ve been eating the best tex-mex food of my life in Texas. Here’s one of the rare occasions where my plate wasn’t full of beans, rice and meat wrapped in something: Bavarian smoked pork chop with potato pancake and sausages. They know their way around meat down here…


I like our espresso joint’s pecking order: firearm notice and the pope are a couple slots below James Brown.

The rider of this rig looks exactly how you think he does. I’m not sure who’s more out of place down here: my vegetarian bandmate or beardless me.

The vocal setup. Trying out mics to see which one likes my voice the most.

Rosin for my vocal bow.

The only guitar I play on the entire record.

The Neumann U48 that likes my voice the most. Previously serenaded by SRV and Albert King among other giants…

Years of preparation come down to a couple moments of execution with no second chances.

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Pedernales - Shaun, 2011.01.21

Here are some photos from day 1.

Jacob saying, “try not to hit your snare mic, Nat King Cole sang into it…” No pressure…

One of the guitar rigs.

GJ’s weapons of bass destruction.

Dialing it in.

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